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Maxtech Software\Maxtech SCADA
Model:Maxtech SCADA 
Product details:

Maxtech SCADA is a Windows based HMI runtime. It enables you to utilize the resources of a PC,
such as computation power, multimedia, and bigger screen, to realize a high-end sophisticated HMI.
Its configuration software, Maxtech Designer, is also the development tool for MT series RTOS based
HMI products. Thanks to the cross platform flexibility offered by Maxtech Designer, switching hardware
for the consideration of cost and performance becomes an easy job.

Products Information
→Low cost Windows based HMI runtime
→50 kinds of screen objects can fulfill almost all types of HMI operating and viewing needs
   for machine automation
→Supports up to 16 communication links
→No limitation on the number of I/O points used in an application
→Over 100 field proven communication drivers are provided for free
→Supports data collection, alarm monitoring, recipe handling, and operation logging
→Provides a complete set of useful macro commands. Macro programs can be embedded
   in objects, screens, and the global process
→The reliable HMI engine has over 100,000 installation sites
→Brand labeling possible
→Supports Windows XP / XP Embedded / Vista / 7

USB Key x 1pcs.
CD-ROM x 1pcs.

Product Remarks:
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