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Maxtech Software
Automation Appliances
Control Instruments
Microprocess V/A/Power Meter
Microprocess Digital Panel Meter
Multi-Power Meter
Digital Hygrometer and Thermometer
Infrared Hygrometer and Thermometer
Thermo Anemometers
Data logger
Analog V/A/Hz Panel Meter and PC Board
Current Transformer(CT) and Shunt
Capillary Thermometer
Bimetal Thermometer
Glass Thermometer
Sensors Transmitter
Electronic Control Component & Others
Meters\Microprocess V/A/Power Meter
MDP72 Series
Digital Panel Meter (V/A/Mpa)
MP-84DH Series
DC KWH Meter
MP-40DC Series
DC Power Meter
MP Series
Watt/Var Hour Meter
DM-3 Series
3 Phase V/A Meter
MP-12MD Series
Dual Power Meter
MP Series
W/Var/PF Meter
MAH-85 Series
Ampere-Hour Meter
MPS-12W Series
Watt Meter
DM4 Series
3 Phase Voltage/Current Meter
MP-12 Series
1φ2W Power Meter
DM4 Series
3 Phase Voltage/Current Meter
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