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Model:MC-2x38 Series 
Product details:

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Products Information

MC-2x38 Series PID Temperature Controllers
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Products Features

→PID auto tuning.
→PID control, or Heat/Cool PID control(OUT1+OUT2).
→Multi range input(TC, RTD, mA/mV/V).
→Relay output, SSR drive, mA/V changeable by a module.
→Up to 3 points alarm, with 18 types of function and 10 types of mode.
→Non-Volatile memory.
→Self-diagnosis function.
→Auto Zero and Auto Span circuit keep good accuracy.
→Universal power range AC 85V~265V.
→Data lock function.
→Remote Setpoint Input.
→Analog Retransmission Output.
→Soft start control mode.
→RS232 or RS485 is available for remote monitoring.

Dimensions & Panel Cutout

Terminal Connections

Input Signal Type of Input TC (K, J, T, R, E, S, B, N)
Linear (0~20mV,0~50mV,0~5V, 1~5V, 0~10V, 1~10V,2~10V, 0~20mA, 4~20mA)
Sampling Time 250ms
Indication LED Displays Bright, and easy-to-read display module
Control Mode Proportional Band (P) 0.0~3000.0
Integral Time (I) 0~7200 Sec
Derivative Time (D) 0~1800 Sec
Cycle Time 0~150 Sec
Dead Band -200.0~200.0
Control Output Relay Contact Output SPST / SPDT 3A/240VAC
Voltage Pulse Output ON: 24V DC, OFF: OV DC
(Maximum load current 20mA)
Current Output 0~20mA DC, 4~20mA DC
(Maximum load resistance 300Ω)
Continuous Voltage Output 0~5V DC, 1~5V DC, 0~10V DC, 2~10V DC
(Maximum load current 20mA)
Position Motor Valve Output Open loop motor valve (3-wire)
Close loop motor valve (6-wire)
Alarm Alarm Output 3 Channels (Optional)
Communication Type of Communication RS232, RS-485 Modbus RTU protocol
General Specifications Power Supply Voltage & Frequency 85~265VAC, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption <4VA
Memory Backup Non-volatile memory (EEPROM)
Ambient Temperature -10℃~50℃
Ambient Humidity 20~90% RH (Non condensing)

Product Remarks:
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