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Multi-functional Temperature & Humidity Transmitter
Model:MHT Series 
Product details:
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Products Information

MHT Series Multi-functional Temperature & Humidity Transmitter
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Products Features

→ Metal probe to withstand harsh environments and avoid electromagnetic interference.
→ Configure adaptor available for setting.
→ Energy saving with 4mA single channel available for micro processer+display+push button+sensor element.
→ 128X64 LCD monitor for maximum up to 3 measurement display.
→ One channel 4...20mA two wire with selectable physical quantity.
→ Dew point, wet-bulb temperature and enthalpy output available.
→ With sensing element module for easy replacement and repair.
→ RS485 Modbus data with integer and floating type. Support metric and imperial unit.
→ Alarm output with more flexibility.

Product Remarks:
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